Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fodder for the post

A friend commented that it must be a challenge to come up with new blog topics so often. And it is.

Considering that this is a knitting blog and I do a lot of knitting, that helps a bit. Some days, however, there's not much to say.

I may not have done any knitting, or like today, not very much. I can show you another picture, but since it looks just like the last, it's not very exciting. And sometimes, like today, it looks like a mess.

(That's the genius of the BSJ--it looks like a mess until you sew the two seams and's a sweater.)

Sometimes I look around the room for something knitterly to talk about or take a picture of.

Like this picture of my desk in front of me right now.

There's lots of knitting things on this desk. Going from left to right:
1. a ball of orange acrylic that must be DD#2's since
a) I have to knowledge of what it's there for
b) it's orange and
c) it's acrylic.
2. The yellow sticky note has a coffee bean stitch pattern from Valeria that I plan on trying soon.
3. My 2007 Stitch-a-Day calender from RB. I can't bear to put it away, so I've started it over again.
4. A bunch of printed patterns (that I'm sure haven't been bookmarked).
5. TWO pairs of reading glasses, one that belongs in this room and one that was on my head when I started this blog.

Sometimes I talk about the never-ending house remodeling. Today I could talk about painting a bit more of the woodwork. I warned the sons that there was wet paint when they walked in, but still DS#1 got paint of his pants.

"How did it get there?" he asked. "I didn't run into anything."

"Well, what do you think happened? That I said "hi, son fling fling (as I fling the paint), how are you fling fling?"

Sometimes I talk about my lack of grammar/spelling ability and how my brain cells are leaving me one by one. (If you look at my desk picture, you'll notice a dictionary under the orange acrylic that I only just now realized that I could use. Brain cells. They are leaving.)

I'm constantly worried about how the sentences are badly constructed. Way too many ,,,,, and (((())))) are used, and the sentences always seem to end in prepositions. The random English major who reads this might go running from the computer in horror. If you are a Math/English major, however, you might look at this post, notice the English errors, and do some kind of statistical analysis on the various types. (Yes, I do know a Math/English major. If I'm correct in remembering, English was added to fill up his free time. That's what happens when you're a math genius. If he happens to be reading this, I just want to say thanks for all the help in college. And my GPA says HI!)(Don't analyze my grammatical errors. Let's just say....there's a lot.)

All that's to say.... a random thought, comment, or email, it's all fodder for the post.

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valéria said...

Hi ruth, yes sometimes it's difficult to find fodder for blogging messages. I can totaly relate to that ;) Sometimes i've lots to talk about and sometimes i wonder why i've a blog??? I like it a lot that you've noted the coffeebean pattern. I think it's just great that i'm here in the netherlands and then over there in amerika there is someone(you) who has read my blog and takes notes and will knit it probably too. That's why i just love internet and blogging. :)

For myself internet is a still learning precious item that will keep me stimulated to craft and learn and meet other people with other interest and i just love it what everybody has to say.

Well ok my english on my blog can be improved (yep a LOT)I write it as how i think and how i would tell it when i would be in person with you. Perhaps i should use my computer english text translater but...ehm...yeah.. slacking is my middle name i guess ;)
I'm glad that my english has improved a little and maybe it will be fine some day??? Or not...well there are worse things to be worried about ;)

I love the BSJ and i thought about it last night (yep that's what i do when i get awake in de middle of the night with coughing myself inside out) And as i've no pattern of it i thought i know how it's done but nope i thought it was knitted from neck to bottom but i see it's not?

I tried to get the book from EZ from but they couldn't deliver so i'll try it at amazone sometime. In the mean time i should knit some other things and finish some u.f.o's i know.

Oh my is there a limit about replying???? It's a long message. Hope you don't mind and take care :)
Greets from holland :)