Thursday, January 10, 2008

Various and sundry things

Definition of sundry as listed in the Student's Dictionary (that's sitting within arm's reach):

Sundry: adjective. various, more than one or two.

Therefore, this is a discussion of sundry things from this week.

First of all, I didn't blog about it on Tuesday, but since Tuesdays are for spinning, then I spun on Tuesday.

I made some red singles. Then plied them with the mojave (purple) to get my yarn. This is the first of many skeins of yarn.

The spinning is going better and easier and I'm enjoying it. Right now my wheel is smack in the middle of my living room. It's sharing space with my knitting machine that is being used for DD#2's project. (See top left corner of above pic.) We've hung out there for a couple of evenings, working on our creations. (Pics of DD's project to come later.)(Note to self: take some pics of DD's project.)

Four and a half hours at work yesterday were spent unloading a truck. (Some people spent six, so I guess I got off lightly.) That made me very tired and complain-y for the rest of yesterday.

On Monday, my dog had a little stroke. He was all disoriented and drifty. He got a shot of steroids and some pills and has recovered very quickly. So much so, he's back to his normal "hey, if you're sitting at the computer then I must need to go out. And come in. And go out." routine.

He also did his "let's get in the pictures" routine.

It's nice to see him being his usual self.

As promised, I've been working on my SECOND teal sleeve. Lots of little dpns are being used since that's what I'm in the mood to use. (I don't know why, so don't ask....)

Things are getting back into a normal routine. Dog is better, DH is back at work (he just used up lots of use-or-lose vacation time), DS flew back to school today, and I have hopes of finishing this sweater.

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