Monday, March 31, 2008

March Roundup

Before it becomes May and I lose a whole month, let's do the March Roundup.

I was much more productive in the beginning of the month, finishing several small things.

1. I found red sock #3, so knitted red sock #4 and added a grey border at the top to distinguish them from socks #1 and #2.

2. The Big Basin socks were a success. There's been enough cold days that I've worn them several times. They fit right and look smashing.

3. A replacement camera bag was made with leftover Big Basin yarn. Less than 24 hours after completed I discovered what happened with the first camera bag. (At DD#1's house. Have I received it yet? Nope.)

4. I did some planning and made 3 dishcloths out of 2 balls of yarn--all on the Miami trip. (Perfect airplane knitting.)

5. A CIC denim vest and

6. a CIC striped vest were completed for the current challenge. (But alas, not mailed. They're piling up on my bookshelf, so I'll be having to go to the post office soon.)

7. The cutest pair of baby soc-a-moc were made. They're adorable and fun to make....I see casting on for another pair in the near future.

8. Elizabeth Zimmermann's Mitred Mittens were completed in March, even though they weren't blogged about til April. As clever as we were spelling "C-A-T", here's a better picture.

)Plymouth Outback, 44 sts, sz 7 dpns.)

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valéria said...

What a very pretty mittens. You're really a busy bee ;)