Sunday, March 16, 2008

I knew I wasn't crazy

My most common blog themes:
1. What I've knitted (important to list this as #1 since this is a knitting blog)
2. What I've frogged
3. What I've put in time-out to be either knitted or frogged
4. What sports my kids are doing
5. How I embarass my kids (always a fun one)
6. How I like to make lists
7. How I no longer can spell or do grammar
8. What I've lost
9. What I've found

Numbers 8 and 9 show up way too often for my comfort.

For example, baseball season for DS#2 was upon us, and his glove was lost.

I've ripped apart 3 rooms of the house looking for it. (Threw away a bag of trash as an unexpected bonus).

Finally resigning myself to buying a new glove (to go along with the new cleats that he needs every year.)(Mr. Bigfoot), I looked in a somewhat logical place and... there it was! Who would've thought it would've been put away? Not me. I looked under his bed THREE times, but where it was logical? not at all.

And I probably wouldn't even have told you about that except that just one day later (meaning today, as of 10 minutes ago...)

I found this:

I knew I wasn't crazy! (It was in my pile of to-be-mailed CIC stuff. Who would've thought to look there?)

I found the third sock before I mailed the other two, and before I lost the matching yarn that's being saved to make matching sock number four.

Now if only there's enough...

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valéria said...

I should stop laughing but I can't hihihi.....