Tuesday, March 11, 2008


(I'm still in a state of exhaustion, so please excuse the lack of cohesiveness....)

If you hadn't guessed, we went to Miami over the weekend to see DS#1. There were lots of baseball, lots of hanging out with family, lots of eating, and lots of knitting.

Sometimes all at the same time.

(This is not a picture of DS. He pitched a night game and no flash was allowed. Check here if you want to see pics of him from this weekend.)

I used up my dishcloth cotton. Two balls of yarn make 3 dishcloths. Not of the same size, mind you, not even when doing the exact same pattern with the exact same size needles.

These ones were done (from left to right):
1. on the airplane
2. at game #1
3. at game #2

I didn't knit at game #2. DS pitched that game, plus it was c--o--l--d. Crazy, huh?

The bleachers were cement. Yep. That's as comfortable as it sounds. (I was right--my huge orange purse fit right in. Plus it's the perfect size for dishcloth yarn.)

The UM Maniac and DD#2:

In the airport, some of us did this:

While I did this:

(Yes, that is my belt in my purse. I took it off when I went thru security and never put it back on....)

I started a 4 color striped vest on the way back. It sounded like a good idea, but... 4 colors means 4 balls of yarn dangling around and getting twisted together. Not such a good idea.

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