Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More quizzes and a vest or two

I'm still busy taking the quizzes from yesterday. I got 80% on the spelling quiz (and took several more tries to figure out which words were wrong.)

I can take on 15 5-year-olds in a fight (I might be using them as weapons), but would not make a good human shield. I can name 33 colors in 5 minutes (and almost missed purple). Who knew that grey asparagus was a color?

Errr.....knitting, you say? Have I been knitting?

Well, yes. Just too lazy to take the pics. Hang on a minute and I'll take one or two... (Just talk amongst yourselves.)

(This was actually about 3 hours later, but you can pretend it was only 10 minutes....)

Here are two CIC vests that I recently finished.

This one was finished on the plane coming home from Miami. (If they didn't make us stand up just to wait in line for 10 minutes, I could've finished it before the plane.)

Paton's Classic Merino--denim marl. Parts of 2 balls. (1 ball might've done it. Hard to tell.) Leftover rust yarn.

Then I started this one. See why holding 4 balls of yarn would be a problem in a tiny space?

Paton's Classic in plum and leaf green. Chaco in maize. Leftover rust. I did the bottom border, then 8 rows of each color, then 4 rows of each color, then 2 rows of each color except the last which became the upper edge. This was fun--I might do that formation again. (Anyone want to hide my ends on the next one?)

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