Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sweater or hat?

Well, I spent awhile looking for another photo to add, found it on DH's computer, changed it to jpg and saved on a thumb drive. Brought it over to my computer and it wasn't there.

Sigh. I was feeling so proud of myself but it all came to nothing. (I feel that searching on DH's computer for the proper photo is like his searching my purse for a safety pin. A bit scary.)

Anyway, I'll get it up soon, but in the meantime I'll put up this picture so that you know I've been knitting. (Have you been worried?)

This was done during the Miami vs. Duke baseball game #2 last weekend. Notice how UM's orange and green is covering Duke's blue. That's the way the game went, too, winning 7-1.

The blue is actually a sleeping bag that DD#2 was huddled inside. Yes, it was THAT cold. The concession stand did a brisk business in coffee and hot chocolate.

The knitting is actually a toddler sweater, casting on the right number of stitches to fit around my circular needle. I stopped when I realized there is measuring to be done so that the armholes will be in the right place. We don't need any really long and skinny sweaters or any really short and wide sweaters, so looking at a size guide is the thing to do right now.

While I'm calling this a sweater, I was tempted to use it as a hat. It fit around my head, and if it got any colder, it would've ended up there, loose ends and all. The kids threatened to go sit on the other side of the stadium if was on my head, but hey, warmth is the name of the game. (And anyone sitting inside a sleeping bag doesn't have room to talk.)

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Diane said...

You should have put the sweater on your head ... would have given the kids something to top their friends with when they get into those conversations 'my mom is sooooo embarrassing because she _____!'