Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little things

Today someone asked me if I knitted.

"Yes, all the time."

So then she asked what I was currently knitting.

Hmmm... err...well....

I had a hard time thinking of what to answer.

This. is. a. bad. thing.

Why couldn't I immediately spout off several things?

I have a baby hat on the needles, and a toddler sweater done, but still in pieces. Otherwise.....

No big socks. No sweater. Nothing interesting.

I'm going to have to fix that immediately.

In the meantime, here's a couple of little things that I finished.

The fourth sock. A row of grey crochet was added to distinguish between the two pairs.

A pair of baby booties.

Everyone say it together now:


(They really are the same size. Staging them for the picture was the problem. One would get fatter. One would get longer. One would fall over... etc.... )

They are the cutest things. They're called baby moc-a-soc, and the pattern is sold on this etsy site by BEKAHknits. The tan is sport weight and the sock is fingering weight (leftover from socks since they take just a small amount.) I'm seeing several more pairs in my future!

Okay, now to go cast on something big. That I can remember.

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valéria said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, well they are really very cute. Now I'll have to find me somebody who is having a baby or so because I want to make some.... ;)

aprilfoolsgreetings from holland :D take care and beware ;)