Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24th on the 24th

DH and I just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary--on the 24th! Most years we just go out to eat, the majority of the time at Red Lobster. (Which we did last night since DS#2 had baseball practice on our actual anniversary. That's the way things go around here....)

Anyway, not usually a big deal. Or presents.

This year, however, DH surprised me with a stack of presents.

Here's the first two:

If you don't immediately recognize them, they are both volumes of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Babara Walker. Not just one, but two! (The dog looks like he's checking it out, isn't he?)

He didn't stop there, but also got me the three Harmony Guides (of which one is still in transit):

This is significant in several ways:
1. He's actually buying me knitting stuff, and getting what I want.
2. He actually listens to me. I think I mentioned that I needed a new book on stitches only one time, so he listened the first time I said something. (Maybe I don't really need to tell him everything four times....hmmm..... interesting concept.)
3.Not only did he get what I want, he also did his research.

He registered on a knitting forum, just to be able to ask the following question:

"I am a husband of an avid knitter. Our 24th year anniversary is approaching and beside all the loving romantic gifts I will be showering my sweetie with I wanted to get her a Knitting Dictionary and/or Encyclopedia.

However after much Reading, Reviewing and researching I find my mind is now in a permanent knot of yarn which no amount of skill can unravel.

Since I consider my wife an accomplished knitter (could be a husband's blind devotion), (having sold countless projects, written her own patterns and keeping a knitting bloggy thingy for years) I did not want to present her a dictionary knitting book for beginners. However after looking through the internet and various book stores I found I could no longer think straight.

So I am asking the people who know about these things to give a guy a hand. As we all know by now nothing says "I love you" to a knitter than something about knitting."

Thanks to the knitters who helped him. It was a great present.

My husband.... he's a keeper!

P.S. Dear DH,

If you want to be really incognito, come up with a code name like "knittingforfun" or "sticksandstrings" or "Cleanhousenever--Knittingforever" (although that might be rather long). A code name of "Javelin727" would give it away in a second (if I went to those forums, which I don't.) Hey, I've heard those graffiti stories....

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valéria said...

Congrats with your anyversary and also with your DH. yep he's a keeper I'm sure of it. Otherwise you wouldn't have been married to him for 24 years!! :D

Wow what a great guy, and!! he bought you some great knitting books, he also went on line to get some help with it??? Wow for that. René would have gave me some money and would have said buy yourself some books. That's ok but no way romantic.....He can suprise me with flowers and yep my buddy for live is also a great one and a keeper but....ehm...romantic?? Nope he's not.
Wishing you lots of knitting fun with your books and that message from your DH? Print it on a card and save it. it's priceless.

Take care.