Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The hazards of knitting

Today I was at DS#2's baseball game working on my "knit it, rip it, knit it, rip it" sock project. I was in between the rip it and knit it stages where I was picking up stitches. I had sunglasses on, so I didn't want to put on my reading glasses, so I had to pay extra close attention when


I got hit by a foul ball.

I felt just like a player when asked if I was okay:

"Yep, fine." Although, not really....this really hurts!

By the way, where were all the "heads up" calls when the ball comes into the crowd??? Usually that's heard loud and often. This makes me wonder.... do they only say that when kids are close by? Do they consider a lady sitting by herself will be paying attention to the game and not to her knitting?

I now have a nice red, round bruise on my thigh. (There's sometimes advantages to not having a camera----no picture today!)

Next time, if you're at the game....give me a "Heads up"!

1 comment:

valéria said...

Yep , knitting can be dangerous i guess?? Hope you'll be fine soon and maybe you can knit a firm hat that will keep balls from you head?? like a helmet??? :-))...hihi.. decorate it with a ball of yarn and perhaps the ball won't dare to come near you??? ;-)

just kidding and take care...big hugg from me...