Friday, May 11, 2007

The exact moment

To my children, so that in future generations you can pinpoint the exact moment that I went crazy, this is it.

Stark raving mad. Crazy.

"Grandma went mad while knitting a sock for the 20 millioneth time and just went right over the edge. We found her twitching and muttering in the corner. Something about stitches and needles and mixing up 2 different patterns in a bad way. That's why all skinny pointed objects have been removed from the house, along with anything closely resembling yarn. Package string, phone cords, cooked spaghetti--these must all be used at your own risk."

It was going so well. I had worked the kinks out of the first sock, and was power knitting through the second sock in an ambitious attempt to get them in the mail tomorrow before the rates go up.

20 rows left to do. 18 rows left to do.

6 rows to do and then the ribbing. How did I do the ribbing, anyway?

Let me look at the last sock.

Arrgggh! The last sock has 66 sts around, while this one HAS ONLY 60!

Stark raving mad--the exact moment.

1 comment:

valéria said...

oh my...i understand...i understand...just take a deep sigh...a very deep sigh...start another object and forget the sock untill you're up to it ;-)....

Your CIC projects are fine and looking socks??? will come back...

Oh and about the new book from the yarn harlot?? It's cracking me up...she has done a great job again. But not about patterns or about how to knit and change the thing it's just fun for reading and thinking...ehmmm i'm like that???

It's a book to read and giggle about and to enjoy and when you knit a sock that's off pattern...then you take the book and a drink...perhaps a big glass of wine and curl up on a chair.

No i've not read it all yet...i'm too busy sewing a curtain that's driving me mad.... and i've to do two. So i really understand..i do...

take care...