Friday, May 25, 2007

Miami: Day 2 and 3

Day two was DS's game day, but it was just too hot to knit.

The beginnings of a hat:

This is all I got done (and even this I ripped out and made bigger when I got home).

It was so hot I actually used SPF30 sunscreen all day long and avoided my normal burnt face. (I know it's the sun and not the heat that burns the skin. It's just that the heat reminds me to put on the sunscreen. Boy, was I reminded.)

The team had an autograph session afterwards (everything goes more pleasantly after a nice win). Here's DS's cousin (#31) getting his cousin's autograph.

His team was there for a Baseball Buddy program where their names get announced and they got out on the field with Miami's team. His cousin got special recognition for being related to the starting pitcher. He had to think about that for a bit, but decided that was a good thing.

I'm so used to DH taking all the pictures, that I came home without any family pictures. Our system is that I take knitting pictures, and he takes pictures of everything else. That's the way I like it. Sometimes he also takes the knitting pictures if I'm too lazy to bring my camera. But, when I don't bring my DH, the pictures suffer.

The next day we took a tour of his apartment (not as messy as I was expecting--even after he said he had cleaned up). We went to the mall (I found all the items I wanted to get--DS really missed shopping with me, I'm sure. Especially the way we went back to each store a second time.)

Then we toured the campus since I had never been. School wasn't in session, so the campus was empty, but beautiful. It was even more tropical then I was expecting.

Three people said he looks like me. That's more than I've heard in the last four years. (I've always said that the kids all look alike, but nothing like me. DH has strong enough genes that anyone could be the mom.)

I didn't pack any hair gel--normally my hair looks better than that (at least that's my excuse. :)

I did lots of knitting on this trip, including both plane rides. No problems anywhere, not even many second looks. The pictures will have to wait for another day.


valéria said...

Hi ruth, yes your son lookes a lot like you. I would be very proud and he looks fine and so do you :-)

A hat knitting in miami?? ok so i'm not weird when i knit christmas socks right now??? :-D...

Diane said...

Looks like you around the nose. He's very handsome. You must be so proud of him.

My kids look like my side of the family for sure. The funny part is that now my grandkids look like our side of the family too.