Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Miami: Day One

I'm back from my trip and slowly starting to blog about it. (I'm distracted a bit by DD#1 who came home today. "Wait, WHEN are you coming home? Tomorrow? Oh, okay. Have a safe trip." How did I not know it was this soon? I thought it was Thursday. It's all good, though.)

When last you heard, I was dyeing green yarn for my trip to Miami over the weekend to see DS#1 play on his home field.

The night before I got to bed around midnight. At 10:00 pm, DH was encouraging me to hit the sack. I couldn't since I wasn't done packing (read: picking out yarn). Then he thought I should put the suitcase in the car that night so I'd have less to do the next morning.

Does anyone other than my husband do this? How can I put the suitcase in the car before I'm entirely ready to go? What if I forget something...then what will I do with it? My excuse of "I need to brush my teeth in the morning" is met by "buy a travel toothbrush". I had him foiled, though, with "I need my contact stuff" since I can't buy a travel set of contacts. (Hard lenses, not exactly cheap.)

He also does this on driving trips. If our departure time is 7:00, he's packing the trunk at 6:15 with the suitcases. Except mine. And mine is the one that fits on the bottom the best. Mine is done at 7:00. (Well, really at 7:05, but who's keeping track?) This makes for a fun first 15 minutes.

Anyway, I digress...

I finished packing around midnight, went to bed, then got up at 3:00 am for my trip. Drove myself to the airport, parked in long term parking, got on the shuttle, got my ticket and got through security all without completely messing up! I've never flown by myself, and only once since 9/11, so this seemed like quite an adventure.

While in the plane I had a panicky thought, "the last time I flew I took Dramamine so I wouldn't throw up." Too late now, though. Fortunately, I didn't seem to need it (until the landing on the way home where I was thinking, "hurry and land, hurry, hurry, hurry...I'm losing it. Which I didn't, but it was close.)

I took size 11 circ knitting needles, and started a kid's vest. No problems with knitting on the plane.

The vest was continued that night at the game. (DS wasn't pitching until the next day.)

Check out the school colors:

I had a knot to unravel since the "dog that thinks he's a cat" got into my yarn. He had taken my yarn down the stairs and was rolling on it before we caught on. (I stayed with my lovely Sister-In-Law and Brother-In-Law while my other Brother-In-Law drove me back and forth to the airport. Everyone shared in taking care of me for the weekend, of which I'm very grateful.)

I had plenty of time to unravel the knot since the game was in a lightning delay. Check out the clouds above the parking garage:

Even with clouds like that we didn't get rained on. I knit for the whole game. Here I'm binding off the shoulder seams. A pencil is a valuable tool to carry around--it operates like a third needle when needed.

We won the game, I finished the vest, DS and I got some cheesecake, and I didn't throw up on the plane.

A good day.


valéria said...

Hi Ruth,

how brave...i won't go in a plane unless i've no other choice. Love the pictures and my DH??? no i'm always ready to go on time at holiday's but he doesn't. When i've to be somewhere at eight i tell him we have to be there at half past seven, then i know we're on time...and even then....

greets...and take care :-)

Cactusneedles said...

Sounds like fun. I haven't flown in quite a long, long while. Glad your team won!
Have a great day :)