Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend results

The last time I posted, I asked: "I'm thinking about taking 4 projects. Is that too much?"

The answer is: Yes.

First, let me say that while my plans were organized, the execution was lacking. I knit the blue stripes on my CIC vest to avoid taking the blue with me, but after that I fell asleep. Therefore, I didn't start the second vest or the other pair of socks. That was okay, though, since I didn't need them.

I forgot that we were travelling on local roads the whole trip, so no interstate driving. While I have (for the most part) mastered my motion sickness on super highways, I have not done so on windy Virginia roads. The car project selected was to be the CIC vest. A few rows were knitted in the car, but the rest were done at the hotel.

I thought about bringing it to the games, but it became monstrous. So it seems, anyway. At least big enough for me (which is still small enough, but after the other items I've been making, it seems huge.)

It was a good thing it didn't go in with me, since the stadium was really crowded, so not much elbow room. I did take my sock, though, even though I had to turn the finish the heel and the gusset. (They were on my to-do list the last night before I fell asleep.)

I managed okay with the hard stuff, and knit away on the foot.

Baseball notes: The game went really well and we won--the only one of the series. DS pitched 5 innings and came out due to pitch count. As an added bonus, his high school baseball team (30 of them!) came for the weekend. (They do a trip like that once a year, and chose this game in hopes of seeing my son. And they did!)

Click on the photo to see some more pictures:

#31 garcia 01

Here's a better picture of the sock. Almost done!

Side note: Bought a skein of yarn on the way home.

DH wondered what I was going to do with only one skein. He was not implying not to get any, he was implying to get more! He's a keeper!


valéria said...

Hi ruth, oh i just love that pattons yarn, what a beautifull colors...realy pretty. Yep i agree with your husband, why only one skein??? ;-)

Great that your son won i guess he must have been very pleased. Liked the photo's.

Take care....

Diane said...

He is a keeper for sure!