Tuesday, March 06, 2007


First I have to show you what I got this weekend from Freecycle.

For those who don't already know, Freecycle is an organization/group where you can recycle your stuff for free. There are groups all across the country, and even a few other countries (although I don't know about the Netherlands). You join a yahoo group for your area, and then post messages on stuff you have to get rid of, or stuff you want. Check out their website to learn more: Freecycle.

The best part about freecycle is that they come to pick it up! I've gotten rid of a huge exercise machine (too big to fit in my car), a computer and equipment from the 80's (remember the Commodore 64?), a set of bunk beds, and some old Spanish college books from the 50-60's.

So far I have only gotten rid of stuff, but over the weekend I got my first things.

They are 5(!) boxes of dishes (the joy of the offer is that usually they write "must take all", so that the things don't get picked through and only the good stuff goes. All the junk must go too.)

This is what I actually wanted from the set: a large set of Corelle dishes. They were intended for DD#1, but.....they're so nice.....maybe I'll keep them a secret and keep them for myself.

There was also a big set of china dishes. They have a couple of missing plates, and a couple of chips, but hey, it's free!

Then, there's the mixmatched set of glasses.

So, DD gets to sort through and see what she wants, and I can just freecycle the rest.

In case you wonder if I've been doing some knitting, the answer is yes. Here's a new CIC big kid sweater.

It's knit with White Buffalo yarn, using 10.5 needles. I'm sort of using Marguerite's pattern for shaping, but just using plain stockinette stitch. This is the White Buffalo that pulls apart every time someone trips over it, so I thought I'd avoid a stitch pattern to make my life easier.


valéria said...

Hi ruth,
great sweater you're knitting :-)

No there is no freerecycle in the netherlands, it's in germany and france but not here.

We can bring our thingies to a recycle shop. They'll even pick it up from our house when it's something big. Or you bring it to them and they'll sell it. The money they earn will go to charity and projects that do good to other people.

We can buy things there and it's cheap and second hand but then you can see what you like and check it and in some shops you can try to get some money of the end price but some recycle shops don't want that because off the charity that will get less money.

I've bought lately a few metal pans for dyeing yarn two of them for €1.80 i guess that's 2 dollars. Not bad..

I'll put some photo's on my blog..i've been lazy. But i'll try to keep up...
take care.


Diane said...

I love freecycle. I only pass things on since I have way too much stuff already. It's nice to see things get a new home instead of ending up in the trash.