Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How not to get rid of acrylic yarn

A couple of weeks ago a person posted on Freecycle looking for worsted weight yarn.

Good opportunity, I thought, to get rid of most of my acrylic yarn (which is what she wanted). It was for a charity group making infant hats and adult slippers to be sent to a hospital in South America. Even better, I thought.

So....I dragged out my container of acrylic yarn. In it are many skeins, plus several unfinished projects.

Unfortunately, I did it when DD#2 was around.

Once she found out what I was doing, she completely nixed my plans.

"Don't throw that away," she said about the r....e.....a....l.....l....y ugly half-finished afghan. (it's so ugly that I'm not even linking to a previous post about it.)

"You can make another strip blanket out of that," she said. (err....I think I said that. Ok, so I'm not good at throwing away either. Plus, it was purple, so you can understand my problem. I love purple.)

"Finish that for a doll blanket for me," she said.

Alright, I suppose so.

So that's what I've been doing, and tonight it's done.

Granny Squares with teeny tiny crochet.

Compare it to this worsted weight square. What was I thinking when I started this?

I just crocheted from the yellow to the outside, though.

Now it's done.

This is proof of how not to get rid of acrylic yarn. (I might still throw away that really ugly afghan, though. I just won't do it when DD is around.)

Time to knit some wool socks.


Allena said...

that's so me! i totally understand what you're saying. LOL i'm totally interested in seeing the ugly blanket!!! dppojldl

Diane said...

That's so funny. Definately try again when your daughter is otherwise occupied.

valéria said...

hi ruth,

yep also with allena i want to see the ugly blanket...i'll put on my sunglases ok??? :-))

I think it's funny that you start doing something else instead...i'm also that way but i did get rid of my acrylic by swapping it.Not all of it but i'm getting snobby i'm afraid.. i don't like knitting with acrylic anymore, exceptions are there when i see babysoft yarn i can't resist it and use that sometimes.

I'm lucky that i've no daughter i guess ;-)

take care...