Friday, March 23, 2007

Planning a trip

This weekend we're going to see DS#1 play baseball in Virginia. There's lots to do to get ready, even for an overnight.

DH's jobs are to print the maps, charge the camera batteries, and buy the snacks.

My jobs are to do the laundry, line up the wonderful dog sitter, and hustle the kids along.

"Do it now. Really--now. Right now, not later." That kind of thing.

But also, I have to plan my knitting projects.

We were orginally going to see only one game, but now we can make it for two.

This requires some thought.

It has to be easy enough that I can mostly knit without looking, that I won't be done before the game is over, and that I won't run out of yarn.

I'm thinking about taking 4 projects. Is that too much? There's 3-4 hours driving time each way, and two 3 hour baseball games. That adds up to 12-14 hours of knitting time. While some of it will be biting-my-nails time and some will be sleeping time and some will be eating time, that still leaves plenty of knitting time.

Here's my four projects:

This is a CIC vest out of bulky (6 ply) White Buffalo yarn. I'm going through the yarn at an alarming rate, so will need some stripes to stretch out the orange. This yarn is easy to rip, so not the best at the ballpark, but may be okay for the car.

This is my second sock of the pair for me. I'm at the heel, so if I can get as far as starting the gusset I can do this either at the car or the field.

This is tapestry wool that was forgotten about until I looked through my acrylic stash. I balled it up and it's planned for a CIC vest. I've made a couple out of this yarn before. If I remember correctly, I need most of 4 skeins of yarn to complete the vest. Again, stripes will be necessary.

I might also do another pair of CIC socks. (Do you sense a theme? The deadline for the big kids challenge is March 31st, and I'm hoping to get something else done.) These need to be cast on before leaving, though, as I don't do well at that in the car.

I'd better get knitting. And finish the laundry.

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