Monday, April 25, 2005

O, Great Teddy Bear King

O, Great Teddy Bear King. The Princess Zahn, and I, the Princess Zanzibar, bring you greetings. We have come on a perilous journey accompanied by our steadfast donkeys (one who is hidden) to bring to you these long and pointy sticks. O, Your Crocheted Majesty, we beseech you to tell us the meaning of these truly wonderful creations.

At this point, my imagination ran dry... This picture was taken while roaming my house, avoiding anything constructive to do. This photo was not set up (beyond moving the junk that I couldn't crop), but all the key pieces were just as my DD left them. I wonder what SHE was thinking when she set them up???

Finished my magic stripes socks today. They almost match, except for the toe. They are a combination of two patterns, plus a bit of changing by myself. Next time, I'll write it down first. (Or even during. I had nothing written of what I did when. I guess I like to wing it.)

Also finished two soakers. Did a twisted rib on the blue/green one to give it more stretch.

I love the colors of the red/pink/green/brown one. If one I could wear those colors, I could make a great sweater!

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