Friday, April 15, 2005


While waiting for my car to get fixed today, I worked on my magic stripes socks. The lady behind the counter asked if I was "sewing" my socks, like the ones I had on. Well, I decided not to correct her on the "sewing" part 'cause she actually noticed the socks on my feet! That's the first time someone has noticed that other than when I say "Hey! look at my socks! I made them!"

I also read more of my book "At Knit's End..." by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot. I totally expected to read that book from cover to cover without pausing for air. But, due to the book's arrival during the frantic birthday party cleaning, I couldn't read more than a few pages that day. Or the next (while recovering. :) And that's the way I've been reading it. Just savoring it page by page.

Now occasionally I read snippets to my family. After all, they need to know that this is how knitters think--I'm not alone in my craziness.

DD#2 asked me the other day what was so funny, so I told her "well, you wouldn't really get it. It's a knitting joke." Just then DH walked thru the room and exclaimed, "I like the way you explain how we won't get it, but then go ahead and read it to us anyway."

This is true. I will read it, laughing so hard they can barely understand me, and all I get is a blank stare in return. I suppose I deserve it.

In other knitting news, I've been balling yarn today. I don't have a swift, just my new winder, so tomorrow I'm sure to have some sore muscles.

My CIC comfort shawl is dry. and I promise this is the last picture. I just wanted to show that I have a 6' wingspan, and the shawl seems long enough to wrap around and tuck in. I used an 8 oz. skein of Fisherman's wool dyed purple (which split in the dye bath making it nicely variegated.) and another 5 oz. of Fisherman's dyed blue.

My short metal needles arrived in the mail, bought from some kind soul on the knitlist. I've got 5 sizes, including another set of 8's so I no longer have to steal DD#2's.



Marguerite said...

The shawl is beautiful. Some lucky cargiver is going to be the envy of everyone else when they get it.

Marie said...

What a labor of love--just beautiful! Can you imagine the delight of the caregiver wearing your special shawl? Or the children who get to see the beautiful thing around them? Thanks for sharing with the CIC list.