Saturday, April 02, 2005

What we do on a rainy day....

It was a rainy, ucky day and the kids were bored. I knew that because I heard "I'm Bored" about every 5 minutes. Then they would repeat it (as if I could forget). Now I'm perfectly happy just sitting and knitting all day long, but the kids aren't so easily occupied.

They built a tent. Well, they actually built it last night to sleep in, but they weren't done with it so left it up all day.

This is not just any tent. This tent uses up almost the whole room, almost every chair, and almost every blanket in the house. It has two mattresses for the roof, and a couple of blankets for the bed. (I would've switched them!) They promise to put it away tomorrow.

I'm not holding my breath.

They also roasted marshmallows over a candle. (Notice our smartness of using a fork and not a toothpick as was suggested.) This progressed on to two kids and big marshmallows, but no mishaps.

This is me. While I'm happy knitting all day long, I never made it to real clothes. This is how I looked after walking the dog. Notice the sensible coat (raining, raining, raining) and sensible shoes. In between is my lounge pants. Yep, never got dressed. And, of course, lounge pants is just a fancy way of saying my flannel pj's.

This occurred just one day after my friend's exciting adventure (you know who you are!). She, too, was in her pj's at the bus stop. Arriving home, she found herself locked out of the house. Had her cell phone with her, but did she call me? No..... She got a heavy ladder, climbed up (way up) onto her deck, just on the off-chance that her door was open. Which it was. But if it wasn't, then what? There was no going back down. That's why Flylady says to get dressed first thing in the morning--you never know what will happen!

Even with this fresh in my mind, I never got dressed. Jeans just restrict my ability to eat all day long. And that's another thing we did--made a yummy dessert. Too bad the kids had to go to bed as soon as it was done. (More for me!)

I did some knitting today, too. Here's a soaker that used up the pink yarn from the other day. Well, used up some, anyway. There are 4 shades of pink used here, and 5 shades that I dyed the other day, but I still needed to dye 2 more to get this to match.

A couple shades were too pinky-pink, so I needed a more red-pink to match. Took the yarn to DD#2's basketball game last night, and knit for several inches. The team won the playoffs, "Go Wildcats!", and I finished the soaker today.

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