Friday, April 01, 2005

Beltway knitting

How many shades of pink are there? At least five. That's how many I had to dye before getting the shade I wanted. The winning shade is 2nd from the right which I combined with a variegated yarn. (No pic, since it looks like it doesn't match, but believe me, it does.) The rest may be combined into a soaker.

Went on a trip this past weekend, and had my 16 yr. old DD driving. I was actually calm enough to knit this in the car. This is a pattern for the buttonhole bag. It's just the cutest thing ever. I originally dyed brown yarn (see above), but even with lots and lots of brown Wilton's, it still didn't get dark enough. So this is with Cascade 220.

As you can see, it felts nicely. I might have to make a second one.

On the way back, I started this sock. got to the heel, but by then we hit the beltway with rain pouring so hard we could barely see, plus it was rush hour. I put the sock aside--after all, how can I know when to hit my imaginary brake if I'm not concentrating on the road? (In DD's defense, I didn't NEED to hit the imaginary brake, it's just a reflex reaction when I'm not driving and feel responsible for the driver.)

Loving the stripes, and am now almost to the toe.

Take a look at this picture. Now I ask you, is this fair?

Is it fair that I run out of yarn with only 47 sts. to bind off? (Yes, I counted.) I mean, really.

This shawl will NEVER get done!

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