Tuesday, May 03, 2005

4 days and counting

MD Sheep and Wool Festival is 4 days away!

There's going to be a drop box for Children In Common items, so I've been trying to finish up a few.

Here's some pics (minus the caregiver shawl, of which I promised I wouldn't post any more pictures.)

The puppy puppet's pattern (say that ten times fast) came from here. There's actually more than one size that I didn't notice until I was done with the larger (obviously, I don't read thru the entire pattern before beginning. :)

The stuffed fish pattern came from here. The version on the left is knit in baby yarn and followed the directions while the one on the right is in worsted weight and had more shaping added. They've been sitting around my house for a couple of months--finally I got around to stuffing them.

I've also discovered this Orphans for Orphans sweater pattern that is a bunch of fun to knit.

This one used Cascade 220, and can easily be adapted for small balls of yarn.

This used Naturespun sport weight that was doubled, and yes, I ran out of yarn! The middle panel is knit first, and was fun to try a banana tree motif from my "Knitting on the Edge" book by Nicky Epstein. It was harder than I thought to find a motif to fit. The first one I tried had yo's, which left really pretty HOLES in the sweater. NOT a good idea for warmth!

Here's a close up. (Please don't find any mistakes!)

I also dyed several shades of orange yarn today.

Wait! What do you see? Yes! That's a pair of rubber gloves!!! Only took me 2 years and 99 cents to get them!

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Marguerite said...

Cute vests! Bet they were tons of fun to knit. Thanks for sharing the pictures.