Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bleached out

As many times as I've dyed yarn, I managed to bleach this one out in the sun. In my defense, I always set this on a towel in the corner of the dining room and build a cocoon around it with more towels on a drying rack. That pesky sun, however, managed to sneak its way in and bleach out the pink. And just the pink, not the brown.

Finished another soaker from this lovely variegated yarn I bought from 100purewool on ebay. Super soft, wonderful stuff.

I had major dental work yesterday, and while waiting in the chair, I worked on my sock. Wondering as I did so....I'm nervous enough that I'm almost shaking--will that throw off my gauge? Didn't stop me from knitting, though.

Another trip to the car shop tomorrow, which will speed this along.

Started a sweater for CIC. Note the lack of commitment here--I have yet to cut a single strand of yarn. I prefer to knit with a big old glob of knots until I decide it won't need to be frogged. Using this pattern, and so far it's fun! I knit the blue portions on my knitting machine to speed it up.

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