Saturday, April 09, 2005

It was a good day.

I had good intentions of blogging last night, but instead I decided to veg out in front of the TV. Here's what I've been doing the last couple of days.

Finished a soaker out of brown "spun in the grease" handspun.

Lovely yarn, but the lanolin puts a drag on the needles that hurts my wrist, so I have to take it slowly.

CIC Shawl completion! The last time you saw this I had 47 sts short of being finished with no yarn left. I opted for over-dyeing some leftover purple with the blue and hoped for a match. (This is what I did with the blue originally, but since I measure by globs, I wasn't so sure.) Since the yarn is variegated anyway, it turned out fine so I spliced the end and bound off the rest.

Washed it in Eucalan to get out the vinegar-used-in-dyeing smell and blocked it last night.

Over-dyed my not quite so brown Fisherman's yarn to a better yarn.

Used up the rest of the brown dye. It still wasn't dark enough, so over-dyed that with green. I think I got it right this time!

I had ordered a couple of items at my LYS, and they came in.

I got a ball winder, and it's the blue one! Yeah! Thought it was going to be the red one, but the blue one is more sturdy and doesn't snag the yarn as much.

I'm so excited. Usually I have the skein wrapped around my knee as I knit. It works well (being as I don't have any toddlers or cats), but looks a bit awkward when I go places. Now I can make my center pull balls.

Also got some locking rings with their own little pouch, so no more safety pins! And this is a new soaker in progress.

As I was running around the house last night, my DH commented that didn't I want to move the junk from around the picture subject to make the picture better. I blissfully replied that I just crop each picture to remove the junk--much easier to crop than to actually MOVE the junk.

Because, after all, who wants to see a picture like this?

Notes, empty snack bowl(not mine), socks (not mine), bookbag (not mine), socks with a blob of spaghetti sauce (mine. Hey, but I DID cook supper! And I didn't include a picture of my hand where the sauce jumped out of the pan and burned my hand. It might have been at the same time as the blob on my foot. I was too busy running for the cold water to notice where else it landed.)

This yarn came in the mail today.

Beautiful, beautiful handpainted merino yarn from Uraguay. (That's probably not spelled right. I should go look at the stamps--there were stamps ALL OVER that package.) (Sorry, too lazy...)

The faster I finish my current projects, the sooner I can use this yarn!

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