Friday, April 22, 2005

Fourteen days and counting

There are very few days left until the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Fourteen, to be exact. This is how I've been preparing:

Talked my friend Lori into going with me. She's the only friend that can handle looking at yarn and sheep products for the whole day. Plus she has a great color sense and will help me pick out interesting colorways. She hasn't even backed out when I told her the horror stories about the long bathroom lines (she's pregnant, so that says it all...)

I've printed out loads of papers that detail which vendor is in which barn. Soon I will be hilighting each section. Hope that my marker doesn't run out.

Printed out maps. That may sound like a normal thing to do, but I'm the type of person who is printing out maps with her coat on, on the way out the door. This proves how prepared I am.

Contemplating what form of liquid caffeine to carry along to avoid the dreaded caffeine headache. Should it be a Coke? Or a Starbucks Frappachino in a bottle? Or several of each?

Bought a bag today for my yarn purchases. When it's full, I'll make a trip to the car, empty it, and carry on. I'm kidding myself, I know. I most likely will keep jamming the yarn into the bag until the zipper breaks and I'll have to drink another Coke to make room. (But wait--those bathroom horror stories!! Maybe I'll just have to take a couple of Excedrins.)

Now. we have approximately 20 million bags in our house. At least. But none quite so pretty as this.

Sigh.... It's gonna be fun!

I've been working on my CIC sweater some more. My kids seem to think it's a bit of a mess. I agree, but it's a controlled mess. I've committed to detaching some yarn balls, but haven't hidden the ends. It's coming along, though.

My socks got some more work done at the car shop, but I figure you all can do without another picture of them. The yarn is starting to run out, so I'd better start knitting faster!

For those of you interested in my solitaire gameplaying, I put a progress tracker on the right. The average winning is 5% of the time, and I'm at 6.1%. I was at 7.4%, but then tried to play more to make it go up, and you can see what happened.

I also randomly typed in numbers for my color codes for the WIP (Work In Progress) and FO (Finished Object), just because.

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