Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This and that

Finished the bear sweater. The fun part about doing this project didn't matter what size it was, it was BOUND to fit SOME bear in DD#2's closet. This is a Build-a-bear named Brownie. It fits Brownie just like I like sweaters to be--nice and sloppy.

Dyed some more yarn for some soaker pants. Used Wilton's icing colors, and at one time (well, three times) I actually stuck my hand in the dye to squish it around. You'd think after a year of dyeing that I'd buy a pair of rubber gloves. Nope. And I'm continually surprised--"hey, that just dyed my hand!"---Like it didn't the last 49 times I did that.

DD#1's on a cupcake baking binge. Using more Wilton's for the monster's fur.

I've also made 2 custom soakers, but like always, I forget to take a picture of them together until one is in the mail.

Still slogging away at my CIC shawl. Now, I know I'm being a wimp, but there's so many stitches now for one row! At last count there were 320. Yes, I counted them. Just to see if I could justify being a wimp. Which I can't. Especially when reports are coming in that people have made more than one! I'm such a wimp.

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