Saturday, December 04, 2010

Finished items

As promised, here are my finished items (that really were finished in November).

Denim toddler socks:

36 sts, sz 5 dpns, Patons Classic wool in denim, 5x1 ribbing throughout the sock (not as so's you could tell.)

Brambles Beret:

Brambles Beret is from Knitty, deep Fall 20010 and seems to be the "in" thing to knit right now, at least according to Ravelry. DD#2 chose the pattern and the yarn, which is Wool-ease grey. Size 6 dpns, med. size band and long length. Looked like it would be too small but turned out okay. (She says it slides off her head, but I say just wait a bit, it'll stretch out.

I followed the directions, and blocked it over a dinner plate with a strand on yarn strung right about the ribbing to keep it from stretching out. Most of the time, the dinner plate was resting on top of a heater vent. It looked rather strange (and I had to remind myself not to step on it), but it worked well.

It has some really nice decreasing at the top that maintains the details of the cables and such until the end. Lovely pattern!

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Wendy Lou said...

Was trying to find an email link on your site, but couldn't see one! So, this will have to suffice. Saw this photo this morning I thought you'd get a kick out of:

"Who said knitting wasn't cool?"

Been reading your site for several years after buying a pattern from you. Thanks for all the time you put into your posts!