Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fix-it Day

I decided to take a break from Christmas presents (because with only 7 days left until Christmas, why not waste a whole day by NOT knitting Christmas presents?), so I declared yesterday as Fix-it Day.

And I did. Fix-it, that is. Sort of.
(Ah, what's a blog post from me without some really bad sentences all strung in a row?)

First up was my Cobblestone pullover. Remember it from here?

The neck was too tight, so I decided it was time for a re-do.

I ripped out all of the red/purple mix on the top, skipped the several rows of garter stitch and went straight to the stockinette rolled edge and bind off.

It's no longer choke-y around my neck, so I declare it a success.

(Chopped off my head 'cause I'm looking as bad as I feel--bad head cold and swollen eyelids feeling. Plus Sat. morning blech.)

Next up was my teal cardigan, first finished in Jan. 2008.

Here's what it looked like:

Too big, sleeves too long, too awkward. The yarn was White Buffalo unspun, which made it impossible to rip out and reuse.

So, about a year ago I decided to shrink it to see if it would help. It then looked like this:

It shrunk in length, but not much in width. Still awful.

And it sat on my sweater shelf for another year...

Finally, I decided to rip off the sleeves to see if it could look good as a vest.

Hey, in theory it was a good idea.

In actuality, it wasn't. 'Cause now it looks like this:

(Ignore my face. And my hair. See above explanation.)

And the previous shrinking episode seems to have shunk one side more than the other. It would be unfortunate if I planned on wearing it, but as it is, it doesn't matter.

The question becomes: What should I do with it now? I no longer want to wear it. Also, donating it to the thrift shop won't work, since I can't imagine this looking good on anyone. I thought about felting it and making potholders, but I'm not sure if I will even want to use them as it will remind me of my failed sweater.

Any suggestions other than just throwing it away? ('cause that's what I'm leaning towards.)

So, I've had one success and one failure, and now...back to Christmas presents...


Lynn said...

Cobblestone looks fantastic with the redone neckline. The sweater turned vest? I say donate it. It's a nice looking vest, just not suited for you. I wouldn't throw it out, I'd pass it on.

Denise said...

Cut out some mittens and give them away as Christmas presents and make sure that they are sent far, far away. That way you are using it for something, making Christmas presents and dont have to look at it everyday.