Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm fine, thanks

I'm fine, thanks.

That's how I mostly respond to the question, "How are you?"

When really, I could more honestly answer:
-Slightly tired, in the I-never-go-to-bed-early-enough kind of way,
-Slightly frazzled as I'm starting to realize that even though I work in a store that's had Christmas stuff for sale since July, that doesn't really count for decorating my house and that I should do something about it.
-Slightly behind on Christmas gifts as I'm realizing that the gifts won't just buy themselves.
-Slightly crazy, as I'm realizing that adding on the knitting of 5 extra gifts at the last minute may not have been a good idea.
-Very tired of science projects, as a kid just kicked me off the computer to do some last minute typing. (It's due tomorrow, and then DONE for another year.)

But, I just say, "I'm fine" and leave it like that.

I've been moving along on the knitting.

Here's my stack of completed projects:

(Better pics coming later...)

And here's the stack left to do:

Yep, that is just green yarn. No needles are involved yet.

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Lynn said...

I usually answer Good. How are you? I agree, if you get started with how you really are, it could go on for a bit!! LOL

BTW love the cake!!! Congrats on another year!!!