Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some hats and a scarf

For Christmas, I made 4 hats and a scarf for the charity of poor college students (aka DD#1 and her friends.) They were done several days ago, in time, certainly, to take a good picture or two. Alas, as DD was packing up to leave, I was flinging the hats under the tree, or on top of DD#2's head to take a fast photo.

So, I present to you some really mediocre photos. Per usual.

First done was C's scarf. It's Lion Brand Homespun with K2xp2 ribbing.

Next was A's hat--with a request to make it big enough to tuck up all her hair. I think I succeeded.

it's JC slouchy hat. I knitted for a couple of more inches before starting the repeat to make it extra big. Yarn: Plymouth Outback.

K's hat was basically made up. 6 sts cables were surrounded by 2 st faux cables.

It's also nice and slouchy. Patons Classic wool in eggplant.

DD#1 wanted another beanie, so she got Odessa without the beads, knitted with Cascade 220 in red with 3 knitted loops on top.

C got another made-up hat, using a Fibonacci sequence in stripes of Patons Classic wool in grey and black.

I liked the crown decreases enough that I though about writing up this pattern, but I don't remember what I did. I might try to replicate it... If I do it soon I might remember what I did. Or not. And this picture doesn't show it.

That was a fun project to do, trying out new patterns and seeing who will like what. Plus, it's snowing--the perfect time for a new hat! (or scarf!)

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