Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! (and socks, of course!)

There's no way that I can finish the scarf by 11:59pm, so I'll just show you the pics of my completed socks and plan on a finished item shortly into the New Year.

I made a plain vanilla pairs of socks for me, the first of this winter season.

They're using Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks Boston, color 215, size 1 dpns, 64 sts.

The heel is different, though. Awhile back, someone on KnitTalk described the method that she uses on her Dirgis socks, and hence the Dirgis heel.

Basically, you:
-do 1/3 of the rows for a regular heel flap (in my case I did 12),
-do a complete short row heel (in my case I used the yo-yo heel),
-pick up the stitches down the mini heel flap +1 (in my case I picked up 7),
-decrease every second row on the mini gusset until back to the orginal number of sts (in my case they were 16,32,16).

And, Voila!

There are slight(!) holes to be seen, but they won't bother me, and may go away with the wearing.

Proof that there are two of them:

This is my last knitting project of 2010, taken in the waning light of day.

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe New Year!


Lynn said...

I like the socks!!!

valéria said...

Wishing you a very good and happy and healthy new year and the same for your loved ones :)