Monday, December 27, 2010

A couple more presents

In case you think I haven't made enough hats lately, I have another one to show you. This one was for DS#2 and is called Zportz. The idea is that you can make it in your team colors. DS didn't want team colors, though, he just wanted something bright.

And it is.

I dyed the green as neon as I could get, using some leaf green and some yellow Wilton icing colors. The grey is Patons Classic Wool in Mercury. I added an extra 10 st repeat and it makes the perfect size for DS.

DS#1 didn't need a hat, so he got something different.

It's a Grover golf club cover!

I used this Grover Puppet Pattern, using Patons Classic Wool in Royal Blue and Fun Fur in bright blue.

I used needles a size or two larger, but otherwise basically followed the pattern.

When done, I felted it to get Grover the right size.

DS didn't want a golf cover unless I made him a cool one, and I think I did!


Denise said...

The Grover golf club cover really made my day!

Lynn said...

I really like the hat! VERY cool!

And omg that grover golf cover is adorable!!!