Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Roundup

Here's my monthly roundup--late as usual (but you didn't expect otherwise, did you?)

I finished the Spring Forward socks and the VeryBig project which are Christmas presents.

Applause please! Two Christmas presents were done in November! Plus, I took final pictures of VeryBig and wrote the blog entry, so if I can remember to post it after Christmas you can see what I actually made.

DD#2 made several scarves and some braided lasagna, but we won't talk about her.... much....

I mailed a box that contained 6 larger pairs of socks, 8 pairs of toddler socks, and two toddler sweaters to Mittens_for_Akkol that should be on their way to Kazakhstan right now.

Oh, wait, I also finished the Wedge scarf which was also a Christmas present.

Even more applause, please!

There's at least one more present to go--I can't be done in November, now can I?

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valéria said...

Do you know how difficult it is to applause and type at the same time??? ;o)