Thursday, November 06, 2008

I got nothing

I got nothing. Absolutely nothing to blog about.

I've been knitting, but it's my stealth "VeryBig" project, so not much talking about it going on here.

Instead, I present DD#2, who will entertain you with an "oh, so interesting" story.

TADA! Here i am! ................... Man now i have nothing to say either. i guess it runs in the family. So i guess i will just talk about my day. So i woke up at my normal time in the morning (5:30 AM!) and begged my mom to let me stay home and sleep being i was EXTREMELY tired! And so my mom constantly came into my room nagging me to get out of bed and in the car to go to the bus stop. But of course i was practically glued to my bed and getting out was not on the top of my list.

After i lost that battle and got driven to the bus stop i stood in a light drizzle with winds (one of my reasons for not wanted to get out of my bed.) Then the bus came and i got on in and got in my comfortable spot and slept for 1 hour on the bus before i got to school. I walked into the school and complained to my friends that i was tired did all my class stuff and then after a long day at school i went home.

And do you want to know what i did right when i got home? I WENT STREGHT FOR MY ROOM AND WATCHED TV!!!!! AND THEN AFTER I WAS REALLY TIRED I WENT TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now after sleeping for about 3 hours 30 minutes i'm wide awake (well kinda.)

When i woke up i ate dinner and then went for basketball sign-ups because..... I MADE THE SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now i am waiting FOREVER for my mom to be ready to watch some tv. But she still has to doddle for another half an hour. Until then i will wait... and wait.... and wait....

DD#2 signing off...

Well, wasn't that interesting? (Maybe next time I'll think harder about something to say....)

HEY! Time for bed!

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valéria said...

Congrats DD with making it in the team!! And go on poke your mother with a knitting needle and tell her to blog more *coughs...and hopes no one lets my DS tells the same*...

Well sometimes live sucks all the time doesn't it??? Oh and DD??? You look amazing with that shrug that you're mother made you and please don't scold too much about her..she had to come out of bed also when she was young and thought just the same...but has to give this legacy to you also so you will know how to do the same to your child you'll be getting when you're a this...or otherwise if I'm still blogging and responding...I will do :o) Give your mother a hug from me ok? :o)