Sunday, November 30, 2008

The race

DD#2 and I had a race today. I lost.

All I was doing was finishing the toe on sock #1. This time it fits. I've tried it on at this stage before I've cut the yarn.

DD managed to not only knit this entire scarf, but she hid the ends.

And not only that, but since the last time I blogged (which was just yesterday), she's made two scarves!

And for an added display, here is her scarf collection. I've knitted several of them, but she's definitely knitted a lot, especially this weekend.

They will keep her neck warm for many days.

(Note to self: Must knit faster.)


Diane said...

Wow what a collection of scarves. DD is quite the knitter.

valéria said...

Well done by your DD.Yep speed it up :O) as if you don't knit much and speedy already. Well I won't say anything anymore...(note to myself to blog more and make up for slacking)