Friday, November 21, 2008

Random is as random does....

In an effort to actually blog, here are some random thoughts.

1. We have two fall/Thanksgiving tablecloths. The smaller one has shrunk enough that it barely covers the table. As soon as I think it's done shrinking, it shrinks some more. What's up with that?

(And yes, that might be my bunnies tablecloth underneath. Let's just call me early for Easter next year.)

2. The footman connector on my spinning wheel has broken. (Impressed that I know its name and didn't call it a "thingie"? Thank the internet.) On the internet I read that a piece of leather strung in a figure 8 fashion can do the job just as well. And it does.

To try it out, I spun some random pieces of wool. One strand was white and the other was a mixture of grey and red. The two strands were plied together and then washed. I have two hanks in this picture. One stayed together. And one didn't.

It can be sorted out later.

3. I have this nice bag that contains my knitting. Since I had finished VeryBig, I could use the bag for the next project. The only problem was that it contained all the leftovers.

So I dumped it out, just like this:

(Really, I dumped it out on the couch and only later dumped that pile onto the floor.) It's still there two days later. (Please tell me that others of you have piles in your house that look like this and it's not just me.)

4. I dug out the wedge scarf that was just waiting a final blocking. I had had hopes that it would stretch during blocking, but still it didn't seem long enough, so I knitted on it some more. As much from the marker to the shorter end.

And then I blocked it. Now it seems a bit long. (The ruffled edge was fixed. I hope.)

How was that? Random enough for you?

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