Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two finished sweaters

As I was catching up on things, I realized I had never posted my official finished pictures of the last two sweaters I made. So, here they are: (and then I plan on not posting pics of me for awhile. I'm getting tired of seeing my face and had to be restrained from cropping out my head.)

Here's my Green Gables Sweater from It's knitted using 6.5 balls of Uruguay DK in a kahki color. I did an extra row or two of the lace pattern and changed the bottom to a picot hem rather than ribbing. Also, the neckline started with an added row of purling to keep it from rolling.

(As an added bonus, I actually found brown plaid shorts that match it very well.)

Next is my orange and green Tiny Bowknots sweater. This is the most complicated thing I've ever designed. I basically started with a number of stitches to cast on (knitting from the top down.) I knew what stitch patterns I wanted to use, and the rest happened on the fly.

The yarn was orange (and the right green) Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. The orange pattern is the Tiny Bowknots from Barbara Walker's Knitting Treasury. The green pattern is faux cables that get farther apart at the bottom.

(The changes in coloring is due to the sun/shade and not to fading of the yarn.)

I like the way it fits, and it's not too hot for the summer (unless you're sitting at a ball game.)

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valéria said...

Hi ruth,
I don't understand what's up with that message in the last posting as that's an older one???? the 15th june was fathersday over here.

Weird ;-)

I don't mind seeing you and why should I?? You look nice, gentle and just fine so why cropping? Don't do that...prommise??? ;-)

And your knitting is pretty.

I'm always reading but I've had very busy weeks lately and no blogging from my side of the computer. I'm sorry for that. I've some drafts but still had no time to work on them.
Not forgetting, just no time or too tired to get them done.

Will do so soon perhaps this weekend.

Take care,
valeria :-)