Monday, June 30, 2008

June Roundup

Is it that time already? I feel like I just wrote May's roundup and now here it is time for June's. (I really did just write May's--about two weeks ago and changed the date.)

These are my knitterly accomplishments for the month of June:

1. My orange and green Tiny Bowknots sweater. I figure I knitted as much as 3 sweaters while finishing this one. It was a great accomplishment for me, though, as I designed it myself.

2. Hawaiian Leis socks for RB, and only 2 weeks late for her birthday (but they fit!)(and one of them went to Omaha.)

3. Two more pair of CIC socks which makes my list of Magic 28 socks up to 23. Five more to go.

4. 5 1/3 nervous dishcloths were done during baseball games. DD#2 did a section of the last one.

5. Two CIC sweaters were made on that long Omaha car ride--one out and one back.

It was a productive month for knitting simple things. On to July!

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valéria said...

I'm very impressed by your knitting...won't tell you how...ehm less I've been doing ;-)