Saturday, June 14, 2008

CWS: Day 1

Since the 1st game didn't start until 6pm, we put in some time walking around. We went to see a pedestrian bridge (that wasn't finished), but it was a nice walk anyway.

Then the kids swam in the hotel pool while I worked on the second birthday sock. It's coming along nicely, but looks just like the first so I'll skip today's picture.

Around 3:00 we headed off for the 6 o'clock game. We drove around for half an hour looking for a parking spot, then came to the hotel and took the shuttle. Then, we waited at the "team will call" window for our tickets. We heard the "Star Spangled Banner" and some announcements that all sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown. We finally arrived in our seats at the beginning of the second inning. Who would've thought that leaving three hours early for a game would still not get us there in time.

The game ended in a heartbreaking loss in the 9th inning. There were, however, some interesting things that happened:

There were 23,000 fans at this game. (There was parking enough for about 4000 of them).

My dad made it to the game in time. I took this picture to show my knitting (another dishcloth--I can't concentrate on anything harder right now). (It got finished by the end of the game.)

The seond reason I took this picture? My dad was actually sitting next to Ricky We..eks, 2nd baseman to the Brewers and brother of UM's 2nd baseman. He had a cute little baby girl that kept us quite entertained. (I think he was sitting up high with us to hide from the cameras, but I took a pic anyway.)

Today was World Wide Knit In Public (WWKIP) Day, what a better thing to do than knit at a baseball game!
As it got dark, the skies gave us a picture show, different than yesterday's fireworks, but no less dramatic.

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