Friday, June 13, 2008

CWS: Opening Ceremonies

I can't even remember what I've said about this, so let me briefly recap:

DS plays for the U of Miami baseball team (I know you all know that, but it's a good opening sentence.) They made it to the College World Series (CWS) and we decided to drive out there.

The first day we drove a measly 7 hours to my dad's and spent the night. The next day was the killer. We left at 3:30 am and drove for 18 hours to Omaha, Nebraska.

I didn't knit as much as you'd think in that 18 hours. Even the part when I was awake. And not driving. Still, I did knit some.

Here's is how much I got done on a toddler sweater by the time we crossed the Iowa state line. (That's a sleeve and half the body.)

We had heard about the flooding, but hadn't been following the news very closely.

Here's a field. Looks just like a lake, huh?

There were plenty of these fields along the way. We saw several of them before we found the road closed and we did a 3 hour detour. Yep, just what we needed were more driving hours. (Not to minimize the flooding issues, which are quite a lot. I80 is still closed and areas of Iowa have been evacuated.)

Somewhere in Iowa I finished the sweater.

Not too long later we reached our destination.

Tonight were the Opening Ceremonies. All the teams were announced and came out onto the field.

See DS in this pic?

Me neither. I had to text him (errr......DD#2 had to text him since I don't know how) and tell him to wave at us sitting behind home plate, which he did.

After some more announcements, they had a nice fireworks display.

We had been up for 21 hours, but was a good day.

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