Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday knitting

I've been knitting a pair of socks for a birthday present for RB. Since she reads this blog I haven't posted pics before, but today I can because it's her birthday. Happy Birthday RB!

I've been making her a pair of socks using MDSW yarn from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm. The pattern is from the pattern-a-day calendar that RB gave me at Christmastime. I didn't start it on June 6th as on the pattern date, but I looked ahead and picked out a good one. (This caused a slight problem with DD#2 who insisted that I can't do a pattern before the date shown while I insisted I could since it was my calendar and I can break the rules if I want to. They're MY rules, after all.)(I won.)(But we looked at Thursday for 4 days. It's a two page pattern so it continued through the weekend.)

This is the main project that I really wanted to take with me on the plane ride, but didn't. I've been knitting furiously since then, though. A softball game and several baseball games helped pass the time.

(If this sock is a bit tight, it's because I was knitting it during DS's pitching.

This is how much I have left to do. That's right. I put sock #1 in a bag, gave it to her with the instructions to try it on and give it back to me to hide the end. (Assuming it fits.) It'll be joined by sock #2 soon.

Must go knit now.

Happy Birthday, RB!

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valéria said...

That looks great, it's always having fun knitting socks :-)
take care
valeria. :-)