Sunday, June 08, 2008

Miami knitting

I'm back from another trip to Miami (I've been back for 5 days but I've had to do the whole "be a mom" thing with a couple days of "stay employed" thrown in.

I didn't do a very good job taking pics (that's right--DH wasn't along), so here are just some random pics.

I only took a carryon bag and I was afraid my metal needles might get confiscated (I know that lots of people have flown with pointy metal sock needles but I didn't want to be the one who lost them.) Therefore, I picked small projects that were easy to knit and didn't make me too hot.

The plane ride was just the right amount of time to knit this part of a bootie:

Since I didn't bring scissors or a darning needle, all of my ends looked like this:

We went to three games that all started at 4:00pm. (That's right. It could not be hotter.) The first day we sat in the stands to see DS pitch. See how they have no shade? AT ALL.

The next day we sat under this tree on the 3rd base line. It was a lovely tree. A cool and shady tree. A very popular tree.

We couldn't see the game as well, but we had a perfect view of that fly ball that was called out but obviously bounced twice out of the glove. (I miss lots of things, but I definitely saw that play.)

Let me just randomly thrown in this picture:

It's a real person posing as a statue that has no point in the story other than DS and I saw it while wandering around a mall.

The games? Miami won 3 straight games, winning the Regional and moving on to the Super Regionals. (They play game 3 tonight. It's been the longest day ever.)

This was knit during game 1: (I almost didn't knit during this game since it was so hot, but I was nervous.)

This was knit during game 2:

This was knit during game 3:

The second bootie part was knit during down time. (In the airconditioning. It was lovely.)

(DS needs to thank me. I almost made him hold the washcloths while I took a picture. Maybe at the game. In his uniform. In front of his teammates. Too bad I forgot. It would make nice blackmail for later.)


Miss 376 said...

Love the bootees. I'm knitting baby things at the moment for my sister in law, not sure I'll be able to resist bootees

Diane said...

Your son should already be aware that when you live with a knitter your services to hold or wear completed items are needed whenever the said knitter feels like taking a picture. You always do what a knitter wants .... since he/she has access to long, pointy sticks at a moment's notice.

valéria said...

I love baby bootees and socks. They're quick and cute.
I think it's great that you always go to the games from your son. He's a lucky son :-)