Saturday, June 21, 2008

CWS: Game 3 and Home

The morning of game 3 we went to the Durnam American Heritage Museum. It had many picture-worthy opportunties, but although I brought my knitting, I forgot my camera. I brought my camera to that evening's game, but forgot to put my card in it, so no pictures there either.

DS pitched this game, so I was a bundle of nerves. The security guard who checked out my purse commented that I must bored enough to bring along my knitting and I replied that no, but I'm nervous enough.

We lost the game and were out of the series. It was a loss that everyone had a piece of (error here, strikeout there...) so at least it wasn't one person making a misplay that cost the game. They were originally really upset, but I think now they have a better perspective. It was an honor to even make it to the College World Series. Now, life must move on.

I finished these socks at the stadium. The sock originally had a blue toe, but when the second sock ran out of yarn I had to improvise.

Then, I started a dishcloth. Surprised? This one is special 'cause DD#2 got bored and decided to knit the last point of the discloth. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? That's the first time she's done anything that complicated. (I'm waiting for her to want to finish it...but I'd better not hold my breath.)

We left the next morning for home, breaking up the trip into two more even days, traveling 12 hours the first day and 11 the second day. This was my car trip project, another toddler sweater in size 2.

We're home now and things are getting back to normal. Phew!

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