Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CWS: Game 2

We had better success parking on the second game of baseball than on the first. The first day, we left our hotel at 3:00 for a 6:00 game and drove the 3 miles to the stadium. After circling the stadium, the parking lots, and all the side streets, we turned around and came back to the hotel. Then we caught the shuttle, stood in line for tickets (wait, this is sounding familiar....I think I told you part of this before. I do this to my kids all the time too. Either I say something 4 times or not at all. Actually, I usually tell one kid 4 times and another not at all. Since I have 4 kids, this works out okay, right?) Okay, you heard how we sat down just in time for the second inning.

The next game (this should be new blathering and not repeat blathering) we drove over really early (since we were the 1st game that worked better) and parked the car and just sat and waited. It was sunny but breezy so the weather was nice.

I picked a new dishcloth pattern to do. I got it from Valeria, but I don't remember the link right now. However, I had to rip it out at least 3 times.

I only got 3 pieces done during the game. We had similar 9th inning excitement, but this time we won. Go 'Canes! (That's the "U" sign that fans make.)

Every day we drive past this shop with the interesting name

My pile of finished objects is growing. Note: all of the ends have been woven in!

Here's RB's second birthday sock--all done and ready to wear (or...ready to wear when cold weather comes.)

These are a pair of CIC socks that I knitted during the plane ride home from Miami. I wove in the ends yesterday and cast on for a new pair.

This is the second dishcloth that I finished yesterday. I had a hard time getting the squares to look the same. I may do another one just to prove that I can do it quicker the next time.

Tonight is THE game. We're going to a museum to fill in some time and not get too nervous.

And maybe I'll knit.


Cactusneedles said...

Good luck!

valéria said...

Hi ruth, lovely that you've tried out that pattern it's the basic modular dishcloth pattern by vyvyan neel from http://inahappycamper.eponym.com/blog

It's just something to get used to and my first block wasn't quite right also ;-) But it just looks great and wow what much you've done!!! :-)

I'm sorry that I've not updated my blog yet, that's because I've been busy with taking care from my father. He fell on wednesday and since then I'm taking care of him. His musscle from his right leg is torn and next wednesday he'll be operated. I'll tell you more but I'm too busy now and have to go and get paul from school... I'm not forgetting it's just that there aren't too much hours in one day ;-)

Take care