Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions and comments. (Even you, Valeria! You may not think that you're helping, but I love getting your comments!)

I got the rest of the stitches picked up (I'm not sure how long it took, but it was definitely TOO long.) Thinking that an edge of green looked nice, I tried knitting with it.

Humph. Not looking so good, is it?

I did come up with a brilliant idea. (Not that it's original, it's just that I didn't think of it yet concerning this sock). I'm going to feed the needles below the whole ribbing and cut off the ribbing and rib up in one piece. So there. I'll show that sock who's boss.

I'm going to let it sit for another day or so, and then I'll fix it.

(Pause while I take the dog out.... For as many years as he's been going outside, you'd think he'd know not to stand directly in front of the door so that I can open the door without hitting him. Instead I have to inch the door along so as not to catch him in the nose. Dogs.)

(Okay, now he's back in and I can continue....)

For another easy knitting project, I've been working on this baby blanket. (I don't know why. The yarn is there and is calling me.)

The yarn is Plymouth Encore Colors DK and makes these really subtle stripes (that are even more subtle in person.) This is skein #3 of the yarn and I have 6 so I'll have to be decreasing soon.

(This is the hardest part of writing my blog--how to write a concluding paragraph that ties in all my ramblings..... Hmmm.... you can pick from one of these:
1. Time to knit
2. Time to eat and time to knit
3. Time to do the laundry (ha)
4. The End

I'll go with #4. )

The End.


Lynn said...

that's right, you show that sock who's boss!! LOL And I LOVE that blanket!! Oh how beautiful that is! Plus its washable so that means it can be USED!!

And I had to laugh at your comment on my blog. I didnt realize I went from Dick & Jane to the Ancient Mariner in one sitting! So THIS is what happens when you read a lot of Dr Seuss!!

valéria said...

Ok, so I'm out off the woods now?? ;-) Can still comment although I make no sense?? :-) *wipes forehead* *evil grinn*... That give I won't but perhaps???

Well another comment from me and yep just show that messing with ruth or you'll regret it ha!
I'm a softy...I wouldn't dare to scare my socks that way and they know it so then the rip circus starts, they don't know it yet that I'll get even anyhow but stttttt they might listen.

Love the blanket, I love pastels and totaly understand that you fell for it. Is it going to be a blanket for CIC?

Well I'm going to take some photo's for my blog and will update. Yesterday I updated my blog and will do so today. You're asleep while I'm writing this and that's always funny I think :-) So good morning and have a great day :-)
Take care