Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Liking it again

So far, the kids in our family have played the following sports:
-football (1 kid)
-baseball (3 kids if you include tee-ball)
-soccer (all 4 kids)
-field hockey (female kids)
-track (1 kid)
-basketball (3 kids)

DD#2 decided that it was time for something new, so fastpitch softball has been added to the list. (Sorry for the little photo, but you get the idea.)(And maybe you can click on it to make it bigger.)

DEG SB - 041508  - 07

She had her first game last night and seemed to enjoy herself. The rest of us froze. I had my favorite sweater on, plus some wool socks, so I did okay.

Guess what I'm doing in the following picture:

Am I:
1. Clapping as the team made a good play?
2. Praying that the game will end soon?
3. Spit-splicing my yarn?

That's right. Spit-splicing my yarn. I'm now on ball #4 for my Green Gable sweater (that's not green, but that's the name).

By the next day I stopped slogging through the stockinette and started enjoying it again. After trying it on, I ripped out 4 rows of the armhole which I figure reduces the circumference by 8 stitches.

I had bad math 'cause it actually reduced it by 16 stitches. (Those pesky double increases will get you every time.) After trying it on again, it seems good so I'm continuing on. It's now almost 4 inches past the armhole and getting time for the waist shaping.

I didn't just do that stockinette project, though, I also worked on this one:

The CIC toddler sweater (called CICOGOG for CIC orange-green-orange-green) now has 2 yokes, a neckband, and the start of a sleeve.

I'm glad I'm liking stockinette again, or this could be a very long knitting week. (And to answer any curious readers.... no I didn't cast on a new project. Aren't you proud of me?)

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valéria said...

Glad you're in the mood back again ;) About the split splicing, can you do that also with acrylic yarns?? Or should it contain wool in a mall amount or something?