Thursday, April 10, 2008


In the busyness of the weekend, I totally missed blogging a very important event.

Sit down and prepare yourself....


There is a new teenager who lives here, and this is what she looks like:

Sweet and innocent looking, isn't she? (However, I've been through this twice before, so I know that looks can be deceiving. Maybe I'll be wrong. Hey, 7th grade is 75% over and no major issues, so maybe we'll all survive the teenage years.)

Check out the skinny scarf that she's knitting. It's a fun Red Heart yarn that makes stripes. Looks just like a roll of LifeSavers.

We all enjoyed her birthday very much.

In knitting news, I finally finished this CIC sweater, hide the gazillion ends, and blocked it. I'd say it's a size 2. (Yes, I'm blogging about this and the crazy hat in the wrong order. The hat used up the leftovers from this project, not the other way around.)

(I totally don't have time to find the pattern link right now, but it's in InKnitter's 2004 charity Knitting supplement.)(Baseball practice in 25 minutes, and we need to eat supper first.)(Yes, I know I should stop blogging and go eat, but I'm almost done.)

Here's the mitred mittens that I finished in March but have been picture-less. I thought it would be fun to spell a word with them, what do you think?

Aren't we clever? (It took awhile to think up a good word, which we couldn't, so this is the default. Then it took awhile to get 2 of us together to take the bad pictures. Sigh... If I didn't have to eat supper right now, I'd work on this....)


Ruth said...

i think the "cat" thing looks very nice and a clevor thing to come up with. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DAUGHTOR

Ruth said...

Apparently when one becomes a teenager, one gets good at identity theft. (nice touch with the spelling error, "DAUGHTOR", that makes it look authentic.)