Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kntting little hats

I'm still on a roll, trying to use up bits and pieces from my yarn stash. I've had some lovely 100% pure wool hanging around, but not enough to make anything. They were just little oddballs that I hated to throw away. Finally, I came up with the idea of making little hats--newborn size according to a standard sizing chart.

I knit not just

one hat

or two hats

or three hats

but four hats!

They varied as my oddballs sizes varied. Hat #1 is a bit too tall and skinny, but has ribbing at the bottom to be folded up. The rest are 66 sts on sz 6 needles, seed stitch until the yarn runs out, increased to 70 sts, knit for 4-4.5 inches (it varied), decrease 7 times around every other round until several stitches left (maybe 7?). Yarn is pulled through and voila! a hat.

I have another one on the needles and then after that, I might stop. Or not.

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valéria said...

They are adorable :) and that's the same over here with knitting blocks, every time I say, it's the last one and now I will go on with my ufo's and then when I'm done, I'll cast on a new one :S But it's fun and that's what it's all about, *i think* ;)