Monday, April 28, 2008

CIC stuff

(Breaking news: Booties were fixed today, with hopes of being finished tonight.)

I finally mailed a CIC package today. You've seen all this stuff before, but this is what I sent:

3 toddler sweaters (2 were BSJ's)
1 bigger kid sweater (and boy, is it heavy)
4 vests of different sizes (great for using up leftover yarn)
2 pr. toddler socks

Along with that, I have started a new CIC sweater called "Waffles for Brunch". Doesn't that make you hungry?

Jean is hosting a Knit-A-Long, posting new directions every couple of days here on her blog.

I started it on Saturday during a softball game, so spent the weekend playing catch-up. (Wait, maybe it was Thursday during a baseball game.... The days are blurring together. Yes, definitely before Saturday at some kind of sports event.)

It's knit using bulky yarn (Brown Sheep for me) and size 11 needles. Very fast, and fun with a well thought-out pattern.

Anyway, I'm all caught up now and awaiting the next clue. In the meantime I'll do the booties.


JoLynn said...


thank you for the great CIC box.
Lovely colors, too.

Jean said...

Lovely Waffles! Thanks for playing along!

valéria said...

Wow ruth,
admire your finishing fu :)
But there is hope for me. Go and check out my blog ;)

take care :)

Diane said...

Lots of warm little ones thanks to all your work.