Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finishing and Buying

I've been on a bit of a yarn buying spree lately. Here's some yarn that came yesterday. It was a great deal on ebay.

Here are my purchases from Carol's The Sheep Shed Studio. I'm really liking Brown Sheep, so needed more of it.

I wanted the orange Cotton Fleece for a new sweater for me. (All this knitting of orange and green stuff makes me want my own.) Also, I'm starting a CIC knitalong and needed some bulky yarn. Plus....why not some cotton sock yarn for summer socks?

That'll keep me busy for awhile....

In the meantime, more finishing has occurred.

My Green Gable sweater (that's not green) now has a picot hem. I love it. The sewing down of the hem edge didn't even annoy me.

After some debate about sleeves (meaning....drink another cup of coffee while I think about it), I stuck with original pattern that did a 1x1 ribbing. The neckline has a row of purl, the bottom is picot, so it seems like a mishmash (if I had kept with the pattern's original idea of bottom ribbing it would've matched but now it doesn't.)

I have to hide about 6 ends and then block it.

Hmmm.... two sweaters finished in two days. It must be time to cast on!


~Lynn~ said...

Finishing any project is such a good feeling!! Congrats on finishing two today! I love the picot hem on the sweater. That makes the whole sweater look professional! I just love knitting them.
I am not a lover of knitting from the top down. I find that having that many stitches on the circular needles makes my hands ache so much that I have only done one adult sweater that I have finished and one that has been on the needles for over 10 months now. I just hate the pattern so much I am having a hard time to get back at it sits in a big clear plastic bag staring at me to finish it up and give it to Cassandra like I promised her over a year ago. Dont you just hate it when you have one of those kinds of projects that make you wish you hadn't started it??? lol

Love reading your blog always a pleasure for me!


valéria said...

Oh that's very pretty ruth. I also love the picot hem. We call them translated, mouse tooth. It always makes it very lady like and that's lovely. Also love the pretty photo's from the flowering plants. Isn't spring just amazing? ;)

Take care. :)